Customers can rely on us to offer high-quality products like Heavy Duty Car Elevator, Hydraulic Elevator, Automatic Door Passenger Elevator, etc.
The demand for various elevator-based goods & services has been increasing significantly, and our company, Aircon Elevators Pvt. Ltd., has been working non-stop to fulfil them efficiently. Since we began doing business in the year 2014, we have established ourselves as a recognized manufacturer and supplier of a broad range of elevator-based products & services. Telescopic Door Passenger Elevator, Elevator Counter Weight Frame, Hydraulic Elevator, Heavy Duty Goods Elevator, High Capsule Elevator, Industrial Glass Elevator, and many more high-end products are included in our unique collection. Before shipment, we make sure that every manufactured product is rigorously inspected in conformance with the highest quality standards. We additionally work as a service provider and give top-notch services like Elevator Maintenance Services, Elevator Installation Service, Elevator Amc Service, etc.

Why Us?

In the elevator industry, where there is severe competition, it can be extremely difficult for certain businesses to establish a foothold. However, our company has successfully gained a major market position as a result of our absolute commitment and diligence. We differ from the competitors due to the following major factors:

  • We ensure that preferences of customers are correctly identified and satisfactorily met.
  • We make sure to treat all the clients respectfully and honestly.
  • We have been offering our product range at the most competitive prices when compared to other market competitors.
  • We ensure that every order is fulfilled within the time range that the customer specifies.

Our Infrastructure

Our infrastructure is constructed modernly and spans a large area, allowing us to efficiently complete the customer demands. In our in-house manufacturing facility, we manufacture a vast variety of products including Elevator Counter Weight Frame, Heavy Duty Goods Elevator, Industrial Glass Elevator, Telescopic Door Passenger Elevator, Hydraulic Elevator, High Capsule Elevator, etc. We also have a large warehousing facility as part of our infrastructure, where the manufactured products are carefully stored after passing rigorous quality tests. Collectively, we are able to deliver the products to the appropriate clients on schedule because of the effective processing of the products in our infrastructure.

Our Clientele

The clientele of our company is listed below:

  • Jain Orthopaedic Hospital, Sirsa
  • Vishal Mittal, Delhi
  • Golden Villa, Rewari
  • Sandhya Gupta, Delhi
  • Man Mandir Society
  • Ramandeep, Delhi
  • St. Thomas Convent Sr Sec School, Bhopal
  • Gopal Krishan, Delhi
  • Parinay Garden Hotel, Kurukshetra
  • Amaltas Institute Of Medical Science, Dewas, Mp
  • Shilesh Kataria, Delhi
  • Kansal Paints and Hardware, Ratia
  • Sunil Diwan, Bhopal Jain Hospital, Sirsa
  • Mahesh Hospital, Delhi
  • Shivam Enclave, Kota
  • R.K.Lifeline Hospital, Sirsa
  • Jagdamba Sweats, Ratia
  • Mr. Rai, New Delhi
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